What is Earthing?

Definition of earthing:


Connection of the body to the earth in order to achieve a flow of negative electrons with the aid of conductive material such as earthing sheets, Earthing® mats, earthing mats, earthing blankets via the grounding of the socket with a cable and plug or with an earthing rod directly into the soil.


Our entire power grid as well as our houses need to be grounded in order not to suffer damage.


Likewise, our human body, with its millions of nerve fibers, works like an extremely complex electrical circuit, needs to be grounded if it should not suffer any damage. Our earth has an endless abundance of negatively charged free electrons, i.e. is primarily negatively polarized. The lightning bolt in nature is the best example of how the negative charge on earth can neutralize the positive charge in the sky (higher layers of air).


As soon as we touch the ground barefoot, free negative electrons flow from the earth into our body - exactly where they are most urgently needed to equalize the tension. The most important factor associated with grounding is reducing inflammation. Because there are over 80 diseases that are associated with inflammatory processes - including cancer and type 2 diabetes.


Inflammation in our body, whether chronic or acute, is characterized by an excess of positive charge. As soon as the free negative earth electrons combine with the positive charge of so-called "free radicals" from a source of inflammation, they will be neutralized and the inflammation can subside.


Pain and illnesses of various kinds can dissolve through the neutralizing effect of the earth's free negative electrons and with their effect on our body could prove to be an even stronger antioxidant than any food (supplement) we can ingest.


Thermal images of a grounding study, such as the following by William Amalu, Chairman of the International Academy for Clinical Thermography, confirm the amazing effect of e.g. only 30 minutes grounding on sources of inflammation in the human body:


Thermography for knee problems before and after 30 minutes of grounding:


Thermography for back problems before and after 30 minutes of grounding:


A study by Dr. Ghaly ("Earthing", by Clinton Ober & Stephen Sinatra MD & Martin Zucker, pp. 43-45) not only demonstrates a clear reduction and harmonization of the release of stress hormone cortisol in most subjects, but also mostly an increase in the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin hormone. Most Vps report a significant reduction in stress and improved sleep thanks to the earthing sheets.


Not only with regard to rheumatoid arthritis but also with numerous other diseases, there are countless testimonials about grounding products that prove the seemingly unbelievable positive effects (see "Earthing", see above) of the earthing products. The average success rate across all diseases and symptoms is over 80%!


See for yourself.


Test the effects of the very simple and incredibly effective principle of grounding for yourself.

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The discoverer of the earthing phenomenon in humans and the developer of the earthing products is an American named Clint Ober


Growing up with 5 siblings on a farm in Montana, Clint Ober had to drop out of school as a teenager to continue his parents' farm when his father suddenly died of leukemia.


In the early 1960s, when his brothers were old enough to take over the farm, he moved to the Big City and began working in the then-emerging TV cable industry. Initially he laid and grounded the cables for the new television stations, then he organized advertising campaigns for cabling throughout Montana, until he finally became national marketing director for what would later become the largest TV cable company in the United States.


In 1972 he started his own company in the field of the development of TV cable systems and the transmission of TV and microwave communication. His company became a leader in marketing and servicing cable television across the country.


Until he got a liver abscess as a result of a root canal treatment in 1993, which destroyed 80% of his liver and infected all other body organs, Clint Ober was a very successful entrepreneur at the age of 49 who had achieved everything materially. He found a young surgeon who was brave enough to remove most of his damaged liver, although he could give him very little hope of survival. Faced with this life-threatening situation, Clint Ober realized that he had to radically change his life.


He sold everything he had and bought a trailer for him to travel the country for the next few years in search of his destiny. Amazingly, his liver grew back to its original size within 9 months after surgery.


The Enlightenment":


And finally, in 1998, after years of aimlessly traveling around, solely following his inner voice and knowing inwardly that “something” was waiting for him, he got his “enlightenment” in Sedona. As he watched tourists sitting on a park bench, he suddenly realized that everyone wore shoes with thick rubber or plastic soles on their feet.


Because of his professional background, he knew that these materials act like insulators and shield them from the electrically negative surface tension of the earth. Thoughts about static electricity came into his mind, as well as the question of whether this effect could have an influence on our health. Because before there was cable television, the television picture was often disturbed by interference from various types of electromagnetic fields, signals and transmissions from other transmitters. The insulation by plastic sheathing and, in particular, the grounding of the cable systems protects them from interference and electrostatic overload. In the meantime, almost all electrical devices as well as the cable systems in our houses are grounded to protect them from damage.


Clint knew that our body works like an antenna and is a very good electrical conductor, and that our modern living conditions (shoes, furniture, floors, carpets, etc.) constantly build up static charge in our body, which can discharge in a flash, when handling ungrounded metal objects such as car bodies or metal door handles.


Of course, this static charge can disrupt not just a television picture, but also the tiny electrical nerve conduction impulses and other biochemical processes in our body. Just as armies had to take electrostatic control measurements centuries ago to prevent their gunpowder stocks from igniting, the oil industry today requires electrostatic measurements to prevent an explosion from an accidental spark. Since electrostatic overcharging can destroy highly sensitive electronic parts and microchips, the electronics industry also needs earthing bracelets, shoes and floors to manufacture its products.


First experience with earthing


After this realization, Clint Ober started an experiment at home. With a voltmeter he measured the electrical voltage of his body while he was isolated from the earth (by shoes). His body's electromagnetic field potential (EMF) changed with every step. If he went to a lamp, the volts measured on his body increased, if he moved away from it, they decreased. The only electrical devices that did not create a surge in EMF in his body were the refrigerator and computer because they were grounded. He measured the highest EMF voltages in the bedroom or in his bed, because the wall there was crossed by electrical cables.


Clint wondered if these strong electromagnetic fields could be responsible for his insomnia. So he bought conductive s metal tape, laid it out in a grid on his bed and connected it with a cable that he pulled out through the window frame, where he attached it to an earthing rod in the soil. When he lay down on his grounded bed afterwards, the voltmeter showed almost nothing. It was now synchronized, i.e. electrically equivalent to lying on the ground outside and falling asleep on the spot with his voltmeter on his chest. For the first time in many years he slept soundly and without pills - and that effect persisted as long as his bed was grounded.


As a result, he began to ground the beds of friends and acquaintances, whose sleep improved as well as their pain problems, e.g. Arthritis pain, which was significantly reduced. Clint Ober's own massive chronic pain problem had also been reduced so much by his grounded sleep that he no longer needed pain pills. Although he now (1999) began to search all known literature for the grounding phenomenon in humans, he found nothing except barefoot movement and Indian folklore!


He now remembered his youth in Montana, when many of his friends were Indian from reservations. The sister of one of his Indian friends developed severe scarlet fever. Her grandfather dug a hole in the earth, laid the girl in the pit, lit a fire next to it and sat with the girl for several days, while she mostly slept until she began to recover. He had also heard the mother of a friend he visited after school tell her son that he should take off his shoes immediately, otherwise they would make him sick.


First studies


At first, Clint Ober was very euphoric when he realized that with his discovery of the grounding phenomenon in humans, he had made a brand-new discovery that no one knew about yet, which is of existential importance for all human beings in terms of their health. He had finally found his mission!


His euphoria didn't last long, however, as everyone he talked to about the grounding phenomenon thought he was crazy. He now knew that he needed scientific evidence in order to be taken seriously, but all the scientists he approached rejected him and explicitly refused to investigate the grounding phenomenon. Eventually he met friendly students who explained how to conduct an objective scientific study. Therefor Clint had his first self-developed earthing bed pad (earthing cloth) produced by a company for this purpose. Via a hairdressing salon and leaflets in various beauty salons, he won 60 volunteer test subjects (38 women, 22 men), all of whom had various health problems such as suffered from sleep disorders or various forms of muscle and joint pain.


The study was designed as a double-blind study with a nurse as the investigator, i.e. 30 sheets were grounded and 30 were ungrounded, and neither the subjects nor the investigator knew who was and who was not.


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