Scientific Studies

Dear visitors, here you will find a collection of published studies on Earthing

Numerous scientific studies confirm: grounded sleeping has amazing effects on well-being and health!

As the first supplier of the original Earthing products from Clinton Ober in Germany, we have many years of experience with earthing products.

Most texts of the pdf documents are in english language. The documents can be opened by clicking in your web browser or with a pdf reader.


Read the first European scientific study on Earthing. We supported Prof.Dr. Müller, University of Salzburg with our Erdungsprodukte

Prof. Dr. Müller conducted this scientific study in 2018 with top athletes in Austria. Text in English. Published in frontiers in physiology 28.jan.2019.

Remarkable is that at the University of Salzburg is the "Olympic training center austria", which carried out the study.

These studies are non-commercial. It is about researching techniques, products that promote the regeneration of elite athletes. Olympia is very important for the international reputation of a country: the more gold medals, the better!

It is impressive that the test subjects that were grounded at night after extreme physical exertion, did not experience severe fatigue, in contrast to the control group, 40% of whom complained of severe exhaustion!
25% of grounded athletes felt no exhaustion! The university used our original Erdungsprodukte®!

For all study participants, a standardized exercise program was carried out that leads to considerable fatigue. (Downhill Running Treadmill)

All participants slept on our Erdungsprodukte® grounding fitted sheets. One group the Erdungsprodukte® grounding fitted sheets were functional.

In the control group the connections had been rendered unusable. They slept thus not grounded.

The study shows impressively that grounded sleeping brings very strong effects! Earth contact at night - for several hours - without interruption obviously brings the best effects. The need to create a kind of cult out of earthing is not really necessary. The same will be likly with "earthing shoes" specially since we are usually on non-conductive ground underway.


Earthing - the most powerful antioxidant in the world?

Chronic subclinical inflammations are true killers. Subclinical means that the inflammations can not be detected in laboratory blood. Scientists call that silent inflammation.

The levels of inflammation (CRP, BSG) in the blood are normal. External signs are not recognizable.

Chronic inflammation is suspected to be involved in the emergence of Alzheimer's disease, asthma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chronic pain and many other chronic conditions.

Inflammation is caused by positively charged electrons = free radicals.

In our body free radicals (ROS) constantly arise through metabolic processes and to ward off pathogens . Nature provides us with enough antioxidants in the form of negative electrons to neutralize these free radicals:

Negative charged electrons from earth act as antioxidants (much stronger than Vitamin C) against inflammation and neutralize free radicals. Earth provides us with as much negative electrons as we need!

Prof. Dr. Oschmann said in his talk in Lisbon in 2011 at least 16 kilograms of blueberries (strong antioxidant potential) would have to be consumed daily to neutralize the free radicals.

Everyone will easily understand that it is simply impossible to absorbantioxidants with diet. Inflammation is quickly and permanently eliminated by Earthing - grounded sleeping as this study from the USA using thermography showed impressively:



Earthing derives electric fields (EMF), "electro smog"

Our body is an electrical system. A healthy bodycell has a membrane potential of about -70mV. Finest electrical currents let our brain work, measurable in the EEG (electroencephalography).

Likewise, all nerves and muscles work with fine electrical impulses.

The electrical impulses that make the heart beat are recorded on the ECG (electrocardiogram). Considering the fine electrical voltages and currents in the body, it is easy to imagine that electric fields (EMF) could have harmful influence on human organism.

Low-frequency fields create additional electrical fields and currents in the human body. As a result, nerve and muscle cells can be irritated. If the nerve conduction gets mixed up in the body, cardiac arrhythmias, dizziness, etc. are at risk.

Every day in our modern world we are exposed to electric fields:

    Hair dryer, shaver.
    Radio, TV, computer.
    Electric stove !!, dishwasher, washing machine.
    Lamps, sockets, power lines in the walls.

These devices generate electric fields that can be measured in volts per meter (V / m).

The human, as an electrical conductor, absorbs these tensions. Earthing - physical ground contact - can derive this tension and could thus contribute significantly to an orderly function of our nervous system and of all organ systems.




Effect of Earthing on inflammation and chronic pain

Clinton Ober carried out further research on the positive effects of grounding on humans. Here, the effects on pain inflammation and the hormonal system are highlighted.

Remarkable is the normalization of the cortisol rhythm by Earthing:

Most subjects had pathologic altered cortisol rhythms at baseline. At night high levels of the stress hormone were released - this leads to poor sleep. During daytime distributions were reduced resulting in fatigue.

After 8 weeks grounded sleeping the natural biological cortisol rhythm had set in all study participants with high cortisoloses in the morning and low levels at night.

Conclusion: Grounded sleep de-stresses and couples the human organism to the natural biorhythm of earth. The same effect is also noticeable in jet-lag: By grounding the organism adapts immediately to the biorhythm at the destination - jet lag is eliminated. A blessing for frequent flyers! I have been allowed to experience myself several times.



Reduction of stress, improved sleep and relaxation

Skin conductivity changes abruptly when grounded. Skin conductivity has been recognized as a measure of the function of the autonomic nervous system since long time.

These changes in skin conductance indicate that grounding increases the function of the parasympathetic system and / or reduces sympathetic system function. In this regard the present results support previous studies to reduce stress improved sleep and relaxation.

There was an improved oxygen saturation in the blood during grounding. Oxygen is fuel for our body and metabolic processes!

The study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed the following effects:
Change in heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin resistance during and after 40 minutes of grounding.
Language: English.

This pilot study examined the effects of grounding on well-established markers of acute inflammation and other DOMS-related markers such as aging and pain markers.

A total of 48 markers were examined. Particularly significant seems effect on pathologically elevated white blood cells (leukocytes), known as leukocytosis, a phenomenon that eg. occurs at high performance athlete as a result of the effort. This leads to muscle crazing and micro-inflammation.

Grounding allowed the increased levels to be rapidly and significantly reduced. Muscle hyperacidity (soreness) was avoided by Earthing.
Original Earthing products were u.a. used in the Tour de France.








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