Martin Frischknecht is considered the inventor of the Power Tube® Power Quick Zap® technology

Power Tube / Power Quick Zap M. FrischknechtHe reports that in a dream he had the inspiration how he had to construct the "zapper in order to achieve the best effect.
In 2004 I met Martin for the first time at a Power Tube® training course in Tuttlingen in the Black Forest. He gave a glowing lecture in a narrow, cold room, so that none of the listeners froze.

Frischknecht is an electrical engineer, born in Switzerland, he loves very much. His own medical history was the driving force behind research. Around the year 2000 he developed the Power Tube® / Power Quick Zap® technology based on the inspiration in his dream.

Martin told me personally at a congress in Karlsruhe that he was surprised by the effectiveness of his invention.
In 2003 the first Power Quick Zap® and Power Tube® devices came to the German market. In 2006 the second generation of the Power Quick Zap® devices came. Since then, the devices have been available practically unchanged. Frischknecht says that the technology is mature, there is nothing to be improved. Success proves him right.

The book "Health as an Opportunity" which he wrote is no longer available. In Switzerland it was allegedly banned because of its explosive content.
Martin is very active politically. Interested people google his name or drop in at

Other “zappers” are by no means comparable to the Power Quick Zap, which is why I only offer the PQZ and Power Tube! ”

We have been using Martin Frischknecht's Power Quick Zap TENS technology since 2003 - as one of the first providers in Germany.

Convince yourself of the effectiveness and easy handling of the technology.

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There are three versions with Power Quickzap technology

There are currently three devices with the Power Quickzap technology that are offered as standard in Germany:

    Power Quickzap

    Power tube silver

    Power tube gold

The technology is identical for all devices, but they have different capacities.

Martin Frischknecht, the inventor of the TENS Quickzap technology, says that the Power Tube silver and gold is twice as strong as the Power Quickzap.

For example, in the case of tinnitus, the Power Quick Zap is often not enough. In the case of really deep-seated problems, it is possible that treatment with the Quickzap takes considerably longer and still cannot achieve the same results as with the Power Tube.

We are happy to help! Call: 0049 (0) 7223 800 68 42

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