What can I use SCENAR for?

SCENAR is a neuro-bio-feedback frequency device that can be used for almost any kind of complaint. Acute and chronic complaints from A-Z can be treated successfully

Do I need special knowledge to be able to work with SCENAR?

SCENAR is also well suited for medical laypersons, as the device constantly adapts to the body or the nervous system and thus activates the self-healing powers and regulation in a targeted manner

Which settings should I work with?

Start with the "basic setting": 60Hz or 90 Hz, Am = 0, D = 0, Fm = 0, A (pulse strength) = pleasantly noticeable (try it on the patient)

Which other device settings are important?



  • F = 14 Hz: Stimulating, for tension and constipation, for scar treatment
  • F = 60 Hz or 90 Hz: base frequency, start the treatment with it
  • F = 340 Hz: Calming, for pain, inflammation, diarrhea, edema, swelling, after operations
  • F = 340 Hz: Calming, for pain, inflammation, diarrhea, edema, swelling, after operations
  • AM (amplitude modulation) SCENAR sends pulses at intervals. For chronic complaints and slow reactions to "wake you up"
  • FM (frequency modulation) The frequency runs from 30Hz to 120 Hz, back to 30Hz etc. Very good for chronic complaints. Perfect for head treatment with the comb electrode
  • SCENAR NT-1 is a professional device with many setting options, the frequency can be set in many stages, D, AM, FM, damping (very good setting: the pulse strength A can be selected to be stronger, which means an even better reaction). For doctors, therapists and ambitious home users for whom only the best is good enough
How long and how often should I treat?

Treat as long and as often as possible. For acute complaints: 1-2 treatments a day lasting 15-20 minutes should bring good results. 1-2 treatments per week are also effective, especially in the case of chronic complaints and longer overall treatment times, more realistic

What are the differences between the various SCENAR devices?


  • SCENAR Basic D is a simple device that can produce good results despite fewer setting options
  • SCENAR Home D has frequency modulation as a further setting, which is often helpful for chronic complaints
  • SCENAR Sport D and Ritmscenar Sport D also have the important frequencies 14 Hz (stimulating, tension, scars) and 340 Hz (calming, inflammation, pain, edema)
  • SCENAR NT-1 is a professional device with many setting options at a low price. Also for ambitious home users for whom the best is just good enough


Where can I learn more about the SCENAR application?

There are some videos for free on our website and our YouTube channel. Sorry, only in German. There are also video training courses, zoom training courses and telephone training courses in the shop. These can be done in English.

For which complaints can SCENAR be used?

SCENAR is also a "self-regulating-neuro-bio-feedback device" which permanently adapts to the organism. Therefore, SCENAR can in principle be applied to every complaint at every stage

Are there any contraindications?

Pacemaker is contraindicated for legal reasons, as is treatment on the stomach of pregnant women and for thrombosis

How long does it take until I see / feel successes?

SCENAR is highly effective. We regularly see changes after just one treatment. Particularly in the case of acute complaints, a clear change should be felt after one or two treatments. In the case of chronic complaints, it can of course take longer

What do I have to consider when using SCENAR?

SCENAR is straightforward. Above all, make sure to set the pulse strength ("A") pleasant but noticeable. Since SCENAR also stimulates detoxification processes, drinking water is adviced

What is included in the scope of delivery?

With all SCENAR devices you will receive German and English instructions for use, a leather case to safely store your SCENAR and batteries so that you can get started right away

Can I use SCENAR before or after exercise?

Absolutely! SCENAR has been used in sports and high-performance sports for many years

Where is SCENAR made?

We import the Russian original SCENAR devices, made in Russia

Where was SCENAR developed?

SSCENAR was a research project of the Russian Space Agency. Scientists from Moscow University conducted research for many years under the direction of Professor Dr. Alexander Revenko is working on a technology that can communicate with the nervous system and thus specifically activate the organism's self-healing powers.
Finally, the researchers succeeded in developing a microchip that generates signals that the brain interprets as the body's own nerve signals. As a result, the body's reaction is almost instantaneous.
With SCENAR, every type of acute and chronic complaint can be treated at any stage. Since SCENAR constantly adapts to the organism, even laypeople without experience can already achieve good results.
For ambitious users, therapists, doctors and more complex complaints, we recommend our SCENAR instructional videos and / or SCENAR zoom and telephone training from SCENAR expert Thomas Zimpfer, who completed his training with Prof. Dr. Revenko and well-known speakers at the SCENAR Academy

...to be continued

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