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grounded sleep - at home and when travelling

Clinton Ober developed the "original product" the Earthing bed sheet in 90x300 cm as a universal solution for all occasions.

Learn more about connecting and using the grounding sheets in our videos.

You can read about the experiences of our customers and patients with the grounding sheets and other grounding products here.


With all grounding products: grounding sheets, grounding mats, etc., you will receive instructions for use with detailed pictures.
All grounding products have a built-in resistance, making them completely safe - the only contact is with the ground wire of the socket.

A thin cotton sheet can be pulled over the grounding sheet. For the best effect of a grounding sheet, direct skin contact is beneficial. For this reason, you should ideally lie directly on the grounding sheet.

You should definitely wear nightwear made of natural fibers when using the grounding products.

The grounding sheet is suitable as a thin blanket, bed pad or cloth.

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