Erdungsprodukte FAQ

If I plug the grounding product into the socket, will electricity flow?

No - if the socket is installed correctly: Our adapter plug only has contact with the socket's earthing wire. The current-carrying contacts of the socket do not come into contact with conductive parts of the adapter plug. A correctly installed socket is required.

When I lie on the grounding sheet or touch the grounding mat, I feel a distinct tingling sensation!

This phenomenon occasionally occurs initially. Sensitive people in particular feel the tingling sensation, which can sometimes be felt even when there is a severe lack of electrons. They are electrons that "flow" from the earth into the body! After 1-2 days it is usually no longer noticeable.

I have now installed so-called surge protection plug in my room. Does the grounding sheet work anyway?

Surge protection plugs will not switch off the earthing - this means: the earthing is "on" even when the isolator is active! Grounding is still possible.

If I switch off the power at a multiple socket (toggle switch) will the earthing products also work?

YES. If the power strip conforms to electrical safety regulations and is grounded (metal brackets in the socket) and the house is grounded. The grounding should not be able to be switched off even with multiple sockets. (Our earthing checker only works when the current is switched on. That means that grounding can only be tested with current, toggle switch "on")

Does it matter how I insert the grounding plug into the socket?

It does not matter, the ground wire in the socket is connected to the two metal brackets. The grounding plug has contact with these clamps.

When I measure the ground wire no current goes through. Is the cable broken?

No! A 100 K-Ohm (100,000 ohm) resistor is built in. Electricity should not flow through the cable. Electric fields ("electro-smog") are diverted, electrons from the earth are drawn into the body. All studies and all measurements in our videos were done with such cables.

How can I tell if the socket is properly grounded?

The correct installation of the socket can be ensured by an electrician, or you can check it with our earthing checker. The earthing checker operates with electricity, i.e. there must be electricity on the socket.

What do I do if the socket is not earthed (the socket tester shows "PE missing")?

Check whether the metal clips in the sockets, mostly left and right, sometimes above and below, are bare. Often while painting the rooms, the cover of the socket is removed and then simply brushed over. Then the metal clips are smeared with paint – just scrape it off. There is no electricity on it! Otherwise, connect the earthing sheet to a radiator with a cable and crocodile clips, radiators are always earthed! Another option is to directly connect into the soil with an earthing rod - a flower pot will not work, it has to be actual soil!

Do I need connection accessories to use the earthing products?

Yes, in order to achieve the grounding effect, it is necessary to make direct ground contact. Choose either the variant with a cable and plug for grounding via the socket, crocodile clips for connection, e.g. to a radiator or the version with an earthing rod for earthing directly into the ground.

In addition to cables and plugs, do I also need the earthing rod?

Cable and connector are perfect. The earthing rod is an alternative if you want to go into the ground directly in front of the house, which in practice has some disadvantages. For example, in hot, dry summers, the surface of the earth could be so dry that grounding is not possible. A stable grounding is always guaranteed with the two metal brackets in the socket via the grounding line of the house.

How often should I ground myself?

As often as possible! Being grounded is our natural state. The isolation from the ground that is given by our modern way of life is unnatural! We recommend sleeping on a grounding sheet at night and during the day, especially e.g. to use a ground mat when working with the computer. The grounding mat will be placed under the computer keyboard as well as the computer mouse. This way we are optimally grounded and the electrosmog is diverted.

How often can I wash the cotton sheets?

We recommend washing the cloths every 2-3 weeks if you use them daily. Please do not spin more than 40 degrees and gently spin (max. 1000 rpm). Body fat and sweat can cause the silver to oxidize and its conductive effect diminishes if you wash it too seldom. If necessary, tumble dry at low temperatures. Heat is not good for the silver threads!

Since I have been sleeping grounded, I sweat heavily and sleep worse instead of better, how come?

This effect can occasionally be observed, especially in people with health problems. The electron deficiency in the organism is very significant and therefore many electrons "flow" into the body. This can have a detoxifying effect and disrupt sleep. This initial reaction should be over after a few days and the comforting sleep observed in multiply studies should set in.

How does grounding work?

To put it simply, negatively charged electrons flow during earth contact out of the earth into our body. These electrons act as antioxidants and can e.g. neutralize free radicals. Dr. James Oschmann, co-author of the book about grounding, told me in Lisbon that you have to eat several hundred kilos of fruit every day in order to absorb as many antioxidants into the organism to reach the same result as through contact with the earth. At the same time, electrical fields ("electrosmog") are diverted into the earth.

How do I care for the cotton grounding products? (Washing instructions)?

Washing and care instructions:

It is good to wash the grounding product. It is not damaged by washing, it is cared for! Washing removes body sweat and skin oils and thereby keeps the silver conductive.

  • Wash every week or two
  • Wash in a washing machine at 40 ° C
  • Liquid detergent, use our Silvercare
  • Dry on a clothesline or in the dryer (max. 50 ° C)
  • Iron on low heat, eg. "Synthetic"
  • Do not wash with chlorine bleach
  • Do not wash with fabric softener
  • Do not use bleaching detergents or cleaning products containing oils such as lavender or coconut oil
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use soap nuts
Bleach, lotions and oils can tarnish the silver and destroy the conductivity. Fabric softener deposits itself on the silver and can destroy the conductivity. Use our continuity tester to test the functionality of your Earthing product..

It is recommended to use the product at least one hour after applying skin lotions, oils or creams.


How do I care for the grounding mats?

We wipe the grounding mats with warm water, if necessary, with a splash of eco-neutral cleaner or something similar. Of course, harsh cleaners should not be used.

The body needs an electrical charge to function. Zero is not enough. Could it be that the earthing should only be used temporarily? Because a permanent zero could harm again?

Of course, the body always has a "charge". Each body cell has a so-called "resting membrane potential" of approx. -70 mV. The nerves, so to speak, work with "electricity”. "Charge" supplied from outside could be all the more damaging. It is precisely this charge that can be discharged through grounding. At the same time - and this is the much more important effect - electrons flow from the earth into the body, which could act like an antioxidant. Any harmful effects have so far been discovered neither in practice (the products have been in the USA since 1999) nor in studies.

Is there a way to control the grounding through the ground rod?

You can check the grounding with a multimeter - e-smog is discharged. We do not recommend the grounding rod because it makes the grounding too unstable. Most studies - including those with our original Erdungsprodukte® - were carried out with cables and plugs. The results speak for themselves.

Can I use a Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet on a waterbed?

Absolutely! Due to the heating wires in the water bed, they lie on a strong electric field all night - the nervous and homone systems cannot relax and regulate. They are protected from e-smog by a grounding fitted sheet, and they also get electrons from the earth, which according to biophysicist Prof. Dr. J. Oschmann (and many studies) could have a very strong healing effect.

Why aren't the desk mats or floor mats suitable for the bed?

We recommend using these mats only on flat surfaces as they are bonded in two layers. If you put the mat to bed, heat, sweat, exercise and the soft, uneven surface could cause the layers to separate over time. You could also get an uncomfortable feeling as the mat is not breathable and you may sweat more as a result. Furthermore, studies have shown that the largest possible contact surface is very advantageous in order to achieve optimal grounding effects.

Does a grounding sheet or fitted sheet make sense if you have an artificial (hip) joint?

Absolutely! Grounding is all natural and can always help. The body could cope better with the artificial joint.

...to be continued!

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