Which grounding products do I need?

Due to a large number of products that can now be found on the market it can be difficult to get started being "grounded".
Here you can read experiences, tests and comparison with earthing products: earthing sheets, earthing mats and other Earthing® products.

The Erdungsprodukte® correspond to the original products of the discoverer of the "Earthing" Clinton Ober. It is primarily cotton fabric with 3% silver thread.

Health expert Thomas Zimpfer shares his  experiences with Earthing products

I feel a low-cost entry is a grounding sheet

Advantages Erungsprodukte® Grounding Sheet:

  • Cheap price
  • Handy and lightweight, ideal as a travel companion
  • Earthing reduces Jet lag significantly. I take my grounding sheet on trips to India - Jet Lag is no longer an issue!
  • Versatile - for example as scarf. Local use for example wrap around a joint if pain is there
  • Fits on different mattress size. Especially. the grounding sheet 90x300 is an universal solution. It can be pulled longitudinally or transversely to different mattress sizes. On a double bed you can pull it across both mattresses and still it fits quite well. It covers about half the bed area

Disadvantages Grounding Sheet:

  • It slips easily since it has no clamping rubbers like the Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet
  • Personally at home I clearly prefer a fitted sheet. Of course the grounding sheet can be placed underneath a normal sheet. Of course, the grounding sheet can be placed under the normal sheet. My experience: The earthing can deteriorate considerably especially if a thick sheet (terry cloth, flannel) and / or a thick pajamas is used. Sheets or nightwear made of synthetic fibers isolate and block grounding considerably!


The Erdungsprodukte® grounding sheet in various sizes and connection options is a very cost-effective entry-level solution.

It benefits from its low weight and flexibility when traveling. Longterm most users find that it is not firmly on the mattress like a comfortable fitted sheet. This often leads to the purchase of a grounding fitted sheet.

The sheet can still be used as a travel companion and for local use. My tip: Get a grounding fitted sheet. Look rather for quality and comfort than price. It's about your health. If you buy cheap  you buy (often) twice!

My favorite for grounded sleeping at home is the comfortable Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet

Advantages Erdungsprodukte® Grounding Fitted Sheet:

  •  Fits perfect on the mattress - familiar sleeping comfort
  • Due to good fit pulling a normal sheet over it is not necessary - so optimal grounding is more guaranteed
  • Perfect for people who are just going for the best!
  • Ideal as a high-quality gift to allow your loved ones to get into the grounding!
  • Covering the entire mattress it provides largeontact area: best effect yet not tight as the sleeping bag!

Disadvantages Grounding Products® Fitted Sheet:

  • Higher price than the grounding sheet. But: Hey - you are worth it!
  • Not as versatile as simple grounding sheet. Well - Just get an additional simple grounding sheet


My absolute favorite: Fits perfect on the mattress offering usual sleeping comfort plus the unique effect of earthing!

Llong-term best effect by long contact times just at night.

Our experiences and applications with high-performance athletes show: The larger the contact surface the better the effect. "Sleep well" - with our fitted sheet because you deserve it!


The Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag is very popular with more and more people

Advantages of Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag:

  • Feeling of being sheltered.
  • Very good protection against e-smog
  • The large contact area could offer better effect
  • Athletes make use of the fact that they regenerate optimally overnight
  • Versatile can be closed as a sleeping bag or opened as a large sheet 200x210 cm
  • Still relatively easy - a good travel companion!

Disadvantage Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag:

Are there any? Since the Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag can also be used as bis sheet it could be a very good flexible universal solution.
Does not fit on matresses as well as a fitted sheet when opened as a sheet.


A remarkable product, which was already able to demonstrate its performance at the Tour de France with the cyclists of the US Dicovery Channel team.

Read about the experiences of the Tour de France cyclists with the grounding sleeping bag and the grounding patches in the book "Earthing - the most important health discovery ever?"


Many people also choose a grounding mat

Advantages of grounding mat:

  • deriving e-smog at work
  • better performance, less neck and headache when working on the computer
  • good price
  • Handy and light take it with you if wish
  • easy care: Simply clean with warm water

Disadvantages Grounding Mat:

Not suitable as a bed cover: heavy sweating as it is not permeable to air and sweat.


An inexpensive, easy-care product, whose strength lies primarily in the PC workstation: Working on the computer without an earthing mat - unthinkable for me!

Deriving e-smog and healing electrons from the earth - making computer work fun ;-)

 Erdungsprodukte® grounding Blankets / Plush Pad

Erdungsprodukte® grounding blankets and the small grounding plush pad are ideal for grounding on an chair or sofa. These Erdungsproduktes® offer additional benefits in leisure time.

Our experience shows that due to the strong pressure when sitting the grounding is very strong despite clothing (if it is made of natural fibers).

We use the large blankets at home as a sofa pad and in winter as a warming bed pad instead of the Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet.


The Erdungsprodukte® blankets are a very pleasant luxury. MUST HAVE for real Earthing fans. The small plush pad can also serve as a seat pad and may also be used in addition to the grounding mat.

Our grounding sets are an ideal starter package or a wonderful gift.

Here you will find sheets / fitted sheets, earthing mat and accessories at a special price.

Advantages sets:

  • Everything you need to get started
  • Favorable price: about 10% price advantage compared to single purchase

Disadvantages sets:


Earthing electrodes and tapes are additional useful products

Earthing® electrodes ("patches") and Earthing® bands are ideal for local use in the case of pain, inflammation, arthrosis, injuries (e.g. due to sports!). The more direct the earth contact at the affected area, the better the local effect. Electrodes were used, for example, in the Tour de France.

We consider Earthing ® patches and tapes as additional products.

Many years of experience with Erdungsprodukte® Earthing® products show:

The larger the contact area, e.g. by sleeping on an earthing fitted sheet, the better the regenerating effect and the dissipation of electrosmog.

At the same time, electrodes / tapes can be used locally in order to increase the effectiveness in the problem zone.
The earthing checker is a useful accessory for checking whether the socket is correctly earthed. This tester is included in most grounding product sets.

Earthing Band Knee 20x20 cm
from 15,02 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Earthing Bandage wrist 1 pcs
from 9,57 EUR
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Earthing sock
from 19,19 EUR
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Earthing® Band
from 15,55 EUR
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Earthing® Band Grounded Beauty
from 87,68 EUR
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Elastic band with spiral cable 30 cm
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Elastic band with spiral cable 110 cm
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Earthing® Patches 30 pcs.
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Erdungsprodukte® Starter bundle
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Bundle Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet&mat
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Continuity tester
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grounding cable 4,6 m
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grounding spiral cable 6,1m
11,69 EUR
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grounding cable aligator clip
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Extension cable 3m
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Extension cable 12m
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Ground rod
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Earthing splitter
6,81 EUR
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connection piece
8,72 EUR
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Earthing Erdungsproduktkatalog
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