Which grounding products do I need?

With the multitude of products that can now be found on the market, it is often difficult to find a way into "being grounded".

Read about experiences, tests and comparison with Erdungsprodukte®: earthing sheets, earthing mats and Earthing®products.


The Erdungsprodukte® correspond technically to the original products from the discoverer of the "Earthing" Clinton Ober. They are primarily cotton fabrics with 3% silver thread.


What experience does health expert and alternative practitioner Thomas Zimpfer have with Earthing®products and Erdungsprodukte®?



In my opinion, an good start is a Erdungsprodukte® earthing sheet


Advantages of earthing products® earthing sheets:


  • Cheap price.

  • Handy and light, ideal as a travel companion. Grounding significantly reduces jet lag. Since I've been taking a grounding sheet with me on trips to India, jet lag is no longer an issue!

  • Versatile, e.g. also as a scarf or for local use in pain, e.g. wrap around a joint.

  • Fits different mattress sizes. Especially the 90x300 grounding sheet is a universal solution. It can be stretched lengthways or crossways onto different mattress sizes. On a double bed you can pull it across both mattresses and you can still sit comfortably. It covers about half the lying area.


Disadvantages of earthing products® earthing sheets:


  • Since it does not have elastic bands like the Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet, it slips easily. At home, I personally prefer a fitted sheet. Of course, the earthing sheet can be placed under the normal sheet. My experience with it: The grounding can deteriorate considerably, especially if a thick sheet (terry cloth, flannel) and / or thick pajamas are used. Sheets or nightwear made of synthetic fibers insulate and disrupt the grounding considerably!




The Erdungsprodukte® earthing sheet in various sizes and connection options is a very cost-effective solution to get started.


It shows its advantages when traveling through its low weight and flexibility. Most users find it annoying in the long term that it does not lie firmly on the mattress like a comfortable fitted sheet.


This then often leads to the purchase of an earthing fitted sheet. The sheet can then still be used as a travel companion and for local application. My tip: treat yourself to a grounding sheet right away. It is better to look at quality than just price, it is about your health. Those who buy cheap buy (often) twice!

My favorite for grounded sleeping at home is the comfortable Erdungsprodukte® grounded fitted sheet


Advantages of Erdungsprodukte® grounded fitted sheet:


  • Sits perfectly on the mattress - familiar sleeping comfort.

  • Pulling a normal sheet over it is unnecessary due to the good fit - optimal grounding is more likely.

  • Perfect for people for whom the best is just good enough.

  • Ideal as a high-quality gift to enable your loved ones to start "being grounded".

  • Large contact area by covering the entire mattress: best effect, but not as constricting as the sleeping bag!


Disadvantages of earthing products® fitted sheet:


  • Higher price than the Erdungsprodukte® sheet.

  • Not as versatile as simple Erdungsprodukte® sheet.




My absolute favorite: sits well on the mattress, offers the familiar sleeping comfort plus the unique effect of grounding.


The long-term best effect of grounding is achieved with long contact times at night.


Our experiences and applications with high-performance athletes show: the larger the contact area, the better the effect. "Sleep well" - with our fitted sheet, because you are worth it!


The Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag is very popular with more and more people, especially athletes


Advantages of Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag:

  • Feeling of being "wrapped up".

  • Very good protection against e-smog.

  • The large contact surface could cause even better regeneration. Athletes take advantage of this to regenerate optimally overnight.

  • Versatile: can be used closed as a sleeping bag or opened as a large sheet approx. 200x210 cm.

  • Still relatively light - a good travel companion.


Disadvantages of Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag:


  • Are there any? Since the Erdungsprodukte® sleeping bag can be used both as a sleeping bag and - opened - as a sheet, it could be a very good, flexible universal solution.

  • Does not sit as well on the mattress as a fitted sheet when opened as a sheet.




A remarkable product, which was already able to prove its efficiency at the Tour de France with the cyclists of the US Dicovery Channel team.


Read in the book "Earthing - Heilendes Erden" the experiences of the Tour de France cyclists with the earthing sleeping bag and the earthing patches.

People who work a lot on the PC also choose a Erdungsprodukte® grounding mat


Advantages of grounding products® grounding mat:


  • Derivation of e-smog at work

  • Better performance, less neck pain and headaches when working on the computer.

  • Cheap price.

  • Handy and light, can be taken along if necessary.

  • Easy care: Simply clean with warm water.


Disadvantages of grounding products® grounding mat:


  • Not suitable as a bed pad: Profuse sweating as it is not permeable to air or sweat.




An inexpensive, easy-care product, which can show its strengths primarily at the PC workstation: Working on the computer without a grounding mat - unthinkable for me!


Derivation of e-smog and healing electrons from the earth - this is how computer work is fun ;-).


Erdungsprodukte® earthing blankets / plush pad


Erdungsprodukte® earthing blankets and the small earthing plush pad are ideal for grounding on an armchair or sofa. These Erdungsprodukte® offer an additional benefit in leisure time.


Our experience shows that due to the strong pressure when sitting, the grounding is so good, despite clothing (if it is made of natural fibers) that blankets can be recommended.


We use the large blankets at home as a sofa pad and during winter as a warm bed pad instead of the Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheet.




The Erdungsprodukte® blankets are a very pleasant luxury, a must for real earthing fans. The small plush pad can also serve as a seat pad and can be used in addition to the grounding mat.


Our Erdungsprodukte® earthing product sets are an ideal starter package or a wonderful gift.


Here you will find grounding sheets / fitted sheets, grounding mats and accessories at a special price.


Advantages of sets:


  • Everything you need to get started

  • Favorable price: compared to individual purchase approx. 10% price advantage.


Disadvantages of sets:


  • None!


Other additional useful products are the Earthing electrodes and Earthing tapes


Earthing® electrodes ("patches") and Earthing® tapes are ideal for local use in the event of pain, inflammation, osteoarthritis, injuries (e.g. from sport!). The more direct the contact with the earth at the affected area, the better the local effect. Electrodes were used, for example, in the Tour de France.


We see Earthing ® electrodes and tapes as additional products.


Many years of experience with Erdungsprodukte® Earthing®products show:


The larger the contact area, e.g. by sleeping on a grounding fitted sheet, the better the regenerative effect and the dissipation of electro smog.


At the same time, electrodes / tapes can be used locally to increase the effectiveness of the problem area.


The earthing checker is useful for checking whether the socket is correctly grounded. This test device is included in most Erdungsprodukte sets.




Through the flow of negatively charged particles from the earth, the organism can recover better than "ungrounded". The electrons from the earth have healing potential, as numerous studies show. The ideal solution is a grounding sheet for the night and a grounding mat for working on the PC.


I personally consider grounding shoes to be a gag. We could not see the practical benefit in long-term practical tests. The point is: the longer the contact with the earth without a break, the better the effect. Thus, the optimal effect can be achieved when sleeping grounded, as numerous studies have shown.

Warning: so called "Barefoot shoes" usually do not have a conductive sole! Earthing is not possible with such shoes.


General information about Earthing®:


Earthing® is a registered trademark of the US-American electronics engineer Clinton Ober for products developed by him that enable physical contact with earth in closed rooms.


Ober discovered the phenomenon according to his own statements in 1998. He noticed that people walk around in shoes with rubber soles and thus isolate themselves from the earth. As an engineer, he began experimenting with different materials to achieve a grounding effect.


He developed the first earthing sheet, which made history as the "Bed Pad". It was a cotton sheet with 3% silver thread woven into it. His first studies were carried out with such cloths.


Finally, Ober met the biophysicist Professor Dr. James Oschmann, who helped him conduct scientific research on the grounding phenomenon. Prof. Oschmann published numerous articles in specialist journals.


The first earthing products for sale were developed and available in the USA since 1999. In 2011, alternative practitioner T. Zimpfer met Prof. Oschmann at a congress in Lisbon and brought the first earthing sheets to Germany. First tests showed astonishing effects on numerous complaints, such as polyneuropathies, back pain, sleep disorders, etc.


In 2011, T.Zimpfer decided to be the first supplier to organize the import of earthing products to Germany. Since then you have received original Earthing®products in Germany at tz-gesundheit.de. After the company Barefoot Sales USA no longer had the classic earthing sheets in its range in 2017, tz-Gesundheit started producing earthing sheets and has since been offering a wide range of earthing sheets in retail and wholesale under the brand name Erdungsprodukte®.


The potential health benefits of grounding could be immense, so it is highly recommended to sleep grounded. The regeneration seems to be significantly better when grounding, as studies and practical experience with high-performance athletes show.


For legal reasons, please note: No healing promises are made in connection with the use of grounding products. If you have any health problems, consult a doctor!

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