Pillowcase & Quilt Cover

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Sleep grounded with our Grounding Products duvet covers and pillowcases. Ideal for complaints in the head area.

Here you will find our videos on connecting the earthing products, deriving electrosmog and videos on using the earthing checker, continuity tester and more.

Sleep like in heaven and wake up fresh and rested.

Earth contact has a positive effect on your health.

When grounding, electrons, negatively charged particles, flow into the body. Positively charged particles such as free radicals and inflammation and electrical charges in the body by electrosmog, are neutralized.

The body adapts to the local energy level by grounding, so you also overcome jet lag faster and adapt to the local biorhythm in a natural way. Grounding restores the inner electrical balance and thus has a regulating effect on our body systems such as the cardiovascular system, digestion and the immune system.

The Earthing Products enable healing contact with the earth in closed rooms and in bad weather, day and night.

Erdungsprodukte® - good for you, good for everyone

Book "Earthing the most important health discovery ever?"
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