Rent the Power Tube - healing through electrical nerve stimulation

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Simply rent the Power Tube and experience the healing effects of this top-of-the-range device: As an experienced naturopath, I have often observed how transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation helped people with pain and other complaints.

Experience and test this remarkable device.

If you want to rent the Power Tube, just send me an email. Request a rental contract, the rental price is 50 euros per week. After 4 weeks of rental, you can then decide freely: continue to rent, buy or send back? If you purchase rental deposit will be deducted 100 percent!

Rent the Power Tube and use TENS technology

By using the Power Tube (TENS) electrical impulses are conducted into the body through the skin. The aim is to harmonize the nervous system of the human body through the alternating current frequencies.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or simply want to optimize your health through consistent detoxification, the Power Tube could help you.

Convince yourself:

Test this amazing device and its holistic effect for 4 weeks by renting it.
Comprehensive advice from health expert HP T.Zimpfer

If you have any questions about the possible uses of the Power Tube or the use of my earthing products, you can contact me at any time. Whether via e-mail or by phone, I am at your disposal to advise you with my specialist knowledge and my years of experience. Alternatively, you can of course also visit me in my practice in Baden-Baden, it is best to make an appointment today!

In a discussion, we quickly find out whether TENS could be the right therapy for your complaints. If there is a possibility, I advise you to rent the Power Tube on a trial basis, you will be amazed!

Your advantages at a glance:

    rent the Power Tube without obligation
    unlimited rental period
    easy handling, wide range of uses, fair prices
    1 text book included free of charge - sorry only in germen
    Free advice from a specialist - naturopath T Zimpfer - during the rental period

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