Power Tube® Zap

After extensive testing, I decided to offer the Power QuickZap® and Power Tube®.
The devices are just awesome, the effect unsurpassed!

Power Tube Power QuickZap

Other "zappers" are by no means comparable to the Power Quick Zap, so I only offer the PQZ and Power Tube!
" We have been using the Power Quick Zap TENS technology from Martin Frischknecht since 2003 - as one of the first providers in Germany."
Convince yourself of the effect and simple usage of this technology.
We are happy to help! Call: 0049 (0) 7223 800 68 42

There are currently three variants of devices with the Power Quickzap® technology, which are offered as standard in Germany:

  • Power Quickzap®
  • Power Tube® Silver
  • Power Tube® Gold

The technology is the same for all devices, but different in their performance.
The two Power Tube - devices are due to their design much more powerful (some customers speak of "10x as strong") and act faster and stronger than the Power Quick Zap,additionally they go more in depth.
Those who can not afford the Powertube have a cheap alternative with the Power Quickzap, but have to put up with more time for the treatment and performance losses. Martin Frischknecht, the inventor of the TENS Quickzap technology, says that the Power Tube is twice as strong in silver and gold as the Power Quickzap.
For example, in tinnitus the Power Quick Zap is often not strong enough.
For truly deep-seated problems, it is possible that the Quickzap requires much more therapy and yet the same results can not be achieved as with the Power Tube.
The Power Tube is available in the following versions:

  • Silver and
  • Gold
The difference between the Powertube Gold and the Powertube Silver is the coating. Technically, the devices are completely identical. The Power Tube Silver is coated with real silver. The Power Tube Gold is coated with real gold (24 carat). For families or therapists there is the practice set with a silver and a golden tube.
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29,50 EUR
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