Rezensionen zu: Erdungsprodukte® 160x200cm Spannbetttuch

    Samstag, 18. Januar 2020
    I ordered a Spannbetuch two months ago and I took some time to reach a final conclusion about the product. With one word - it is perfect. My wife and I felt changes immediately but we were not sure in the first few weeks if this is a placebo effect. However, she suffered from insomnia and got pain in the lower part of the back every morning. Right after the first day and now almost two months after the purchase she sleeps all night with interuption. A few minutes after she comes to bed she falls asleep. And the pain in the back disappeared. I, on the other hand, didn\'t have any problems before buying Spannbettuch apart from feeling tired for a few days a week. It was some nasty feeling present for the whole day and I was struggling to make myself finish things. And now that feeling has gone! Sometimes I feel tired but it is always connected to some activity.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nIn conclusion, this is really a great product. Hope it will be functional for 2-3 years as we were told when we bought the product (btw. this is my only concern because I have read on the Internet that it works properly for a couple of months only). \r\n\r\nFor now, my mark on the scale from 1 do 5 is 6 :-)\r\n
    Erdungsprodukte® 160x200cm Spannbetttuch