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Earthing®&Erdungsprodukte® for sound sleep
Power Tube® for well-beeing

tz-gesundheit® is the official supplier of Earthing® products from Clinton Ober. Order Earthing® products and Erdungsprodukte® from Germany's largest suppliers: grounding sheets, earthing mats, grounding sleeping bags and more for grounded sleeping, sports and the office!

Dear guests, dear customers,ThomasZimpfer.neu

I warmly welcome you to my online shop for impressive health products. Health is our greatest asset! To regain and maintain health is my goal! For this reason,
I offer exceptional Earthing® products, Erdungsprodukte® and many more products such as the Power Tube® to my range at tz-gesundheit®.

If you want to learn more about the exciting topic “Earthing®”, you are welcome to inquire!

For better well-being - in my shop we offer Power Tube® and Earthing® products. In our shop you find high quality health products that have accompanied me in my work for many years. Be it the Power Tube® or Power Quick Zap, Erdungsprodukte® - Earthing® products that I use myself every day and night - our products have proven themselves in daily use, both in terms of usability and reliability as well as durability. We are the sole owner of the trademark rights for Erdungsprodukte® and official provider of Earthing® products.

If you are interested in  earthing sheets, Erdungsprodukte® fitted sheets and other Erdungsprodukte®, which could help for additional energy supply, you find a large selection in our onlineshop. Take your time and take a look around the individual shop categories. Any question? -  contact me at any time.

Earthing® mat, Erdungsprodukte® sheet and other Erdungsprodukte® on offer.
As an official supplier for Earthing® products from Clinton Ober in Germany and manufacturer of Erdungsprodukte® we offer in our webshop;

For me the Earthing® products and Erdungsprodukte® are the most important development in the health sector this century! As importer, manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer optimal availability, detailed advice on the offered Erdungsprodukte® as well as fast delivery of earthing mats and various other Erdungsprodukte®.

With our products you ´ll be able to sleep grounded in the future. You will love it!
If you are interested in renting a Power Tube, you are welcome at tz-gesundheit®. Since I run a therapy center, you won't always get me on the phon immediately. Please leave your name and telephone number in our office. You will be called back.

Your contact options: Telephone +4972238006842; Fax +4972238006843; by email

Your advantages:

  • Sheets made of natural cotton with silver threads for optimal contact with the ground
  • Connection piece made of carbon rubber for perfect conduction - - - Caution! - There are counterfeit products on the market with a connector made of black fabric. Fabric does not conduct! - - -
  • Large selection of high quality products
  • Fast delivery. Shipping Mon - Fri 11 a.m. with DHL
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Telephone advice on +4972238006842
  • Telephone orders Mon to Fri 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. +4972238006842
  • Many years of experience - first provider in Europe since 2011
  • First study in Europe at the Olympic Training Center Austria with Original Erdungsprodukte®
  • For every purchase you plant atree with edenprojects

Information about Earthing®:

Definition: Earthing® - denotes the direct, physical connection with the earth. This happens, for example. by walking barefoot outdoors on earth, sand or grass. In our region, this will usually only be possible for a few weeks in summer.

In the USA, the sensational products were developed so you can enjoy being grounded indoors and in the cooler seasons. The name Earthing® also comes from the USA.

In 2011 I met Dr. J.Oschmann, who was involved in the development. Dr. Oschmann gave a fascinating lecture on Earthing® and the Earthing® products. As the owner of a therapy center in Baden-Baden, I was immediately interested in the topic, although I could hardly imagine that earthing could have such a big impact on health. After some tests gave very promising results, I added Earthing® products to my range.

Earthing® has many health benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Regulates blood pressure and improves the flow properties of the bloo
  • Relieves tension
  • Helps with headache
  • Protects against electrical and electromagnetic fields
  • Improves or eliminates acute and chronic pain
  • Increases the energy level
  • Improves and accelerates wound healing
  • Reduces bedsores
  • Improves or eliminates inflammation in the body
  • Harmonizes the body rhythms
  • Improves menstrual cramps
  • Helps with jet lag

Get yourself and your loved ones something special! Sleep soundly - with our earthing sheet!
We are the owner of the trademark Erdungsprodukte®.

Information about Power-Tube®:

We have been using the Power-Tube® and the Power Quick Zap® in Germany since 2003. As one of the first users and providers of the Power-Tube®, we have many years of experience with these products developed in Switzerland. Power-Tube® and Power Quick Zap® are much more sophisticated than other zappers or TENS devices available on the market. The Power-Tube® technology generates the finest frequencies, which could harmonize the body's own frequency and vibration patterns and should have a positive influence.

We offer:

  • Power Quick Zap® - the affordable entry-level device, robust and reliable
  • Power Tube silver® - the price-performance winner, stronger and more hygienic than the Power Quick Zap®
  • Power Tube gold® - the exclusive one for people for whom the best is just good enough



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