Earthing Mat

Mat for grounding during work or leisure

The Earthing mat is ideally suited as a desk mat. We place the computer keyboard on the mat so the forearms have contact and the computer mouse on the side. Charging with electromagnetic pollution during the PC work is avoided, as we have shown on video. Can also be used as a footmat. Suited not as bed pad!

Ground contact has a positive effect on your health. Numerous studies in the US prove this! Use the power of the earth for your well-being!

While grounding electrons flow into the body. The positively charged particles such as free radicals and inflammation and electrical charges in the body by electrosmog are neutralized.
Earthing may reduce jet lag. You adapt to the local biorhythm naturally. Grounding balances the natural electric body system and acts as a regulating effect on our body systems such as the cardiovascular system, digestion and the immune system.
The Earthing products provide healing earth contact indoor and in bad weather, during the day and at night.

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